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July 27, 2021 1 min read

While we eagerly awaited the (once again) lifting of the ban on alcohol sales in South Africa, the Afrikanis team decided to sneak away to neighbouring Botswana. As avid travellers, we have not used our passports in close to two years. Ah the smell of the passport. After all our roots are in travelling and we love to use those little green books with the stranges photos in the back. 

We headed north across the Gariep River and soon found ourselves in the land of red sand - the mystical Kalahari. We also found it was cold and unforgiving. We longed for those camelthorn campfires and roaring lions, so we mustered the courage to continue on our journey. To our bitter disappointment, there was no use for our passports. Most border posts were closed, but we were allowed to traverse the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park from South Africa to Botswana. We just crossed the ancient dry Nossob River bed and off we went. Botswana here we come!

Five days of exploration followed. We mingled with the local wildlife, showered under the stars and cooked up a storm. We even did a bit of reading. The best of all, we had our loyal Afrikanis Premium African Rum with us. Nothing beats a campfire, a Kalahari sunset, family and a good old Afrikanis Dark' and Stormy. 


PS No lions in our tents.